Costa. Nature Warrior.

Costa Name Meaning : Someone who lives on a slope or river bank or near the ocean.

Makes sense really, I’m sure this modern day warrior of sustainability and all things nature would quite happily reside in this way, no worries.

Costa for The National Treasures Series 2018. Photographer Graham Jepson. Interviewed by Zoë Porter

His authenticity is refreshing. His energy is infectious. The words ‘inspiring’ and ‘passionate’ have been grossly overused in current times. Our online banter and relentless self-promotion of some have catapulted us into the realms of exaggerated tedium. How ‘grateful’ how ‘blessed’ we all seem to be. Have we lost the ability to actually articulate ourselves adequately and honestly without copying the banter of banal social media influencers and their endless hashtags? Apparently some people are ‘passionate’ about their trainers and ‘inspired’ by the colour of their skirting boards. Yawn #uninspired

Costa though is not bored. Or boring. And I can’t imagine for a moment that he spends endless hours scrolling and swiping. He’s too busy doing and digging and striving for better.

He must get up seriously early though as surprisingly to me, he’s got immaculate finger nails and his magnificant beard carries no wildlife in it whatsoever. Presentable as he appears on TV, I did expect a stray twig or maybe a broken butterfly wing nestling in that magnificence.

He is genuinely fired up when it comes to sustainable living, all things nature. and educating those around him, void of arrogance and judgement, particulary of our (my) everyday environmental failings..after all, as we chat about how so many things have to change in our daily lives to protect and serve our beautiful planet, but how we can all take baby steps to start with, I’m dragging bionic sized strawberries from their ridiculous prisons of thick, shiny plastic. I apologise as they tumble out next to a pile of double cellophane-wrapped, imported Biscotti. But hey, the nuts are organic and I hope that he’s clocked that. Baby steps.

He’s not here to talk today though, he’s busy. Super busy, with a long day ahead of saving the planet and back to back media appointments spreading the word. Amazingly he agreed to a photo shoot despite his commitments. Cheers Costa!

The Photo Shoot.

Costa and the Wonderful Eco Sculptures of Jane Gillings

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Costa for The National Treasures Series 2018. Photographer Graham Jepson. Interviewed by Zoë Porter

Bird and Flower Sculptures (made from plastic waste) by Sydney Artist Jane Gillings.

Thank You

Costa Georgiadis

Photographer Graham Jepson

Artist and Sculptor Jane Gillings

Leonard Newton and Kaitlyn @ Desmond and Molly Jones

Wardrobe Assistant Pat Tyrell

Milla Jeffryes – Production Assistant


 M.J Bale

Andrew McDonald Shoemaker

Costa for The National Treasures Series. Photographer Graham Jepson

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