Paint it, Black. The Darkness and Light of Titane Laurent.

Artist Titane Laurent interviewed by Zoë Porter for The National Treasures Series 2018. Photo by Megan George

Writing about an artist like Titane Laurent commands a soundtrack to match the raw and uncompromising boldness of her brush strokes.

The Rolling Stones? The obvious choice but no.

PJ Harvey – my normal go to for tough, feminine intensity? kind of, but no.

The Velvet Underground? A big fat YES. Very Loudly.

The name Titane is derived from ‘a heroine on a battlefield in ancient times’. It makes sense that her latest work Black Is (2017 and 2018) is spirited, intrepid and daring. It takes no prisoners, it says what it means and it means what it says. With brazen, gutsy brushwork and an undeniable fearlessness in action painting her work is as adventurous as her name.

Artist Titane Laurent.

On the flip side, Laurent embodies the ideologies of faithfulness, peace and compassion which lead perfectly to her figurative couple studies from her 2017 exhibition The Art De Vivre Collection. An exploration of intimate human connections. Her subjects are captivating, eccentric and curious.

This contrast in Laurent’s work manifests as a balanced marriage of Bold and Brazen, Tender and True.

Tenderness by Artist Titane Laurent interviewed by Zoë Porter for The National Treasures Series

Artist Titane Laurent interview by Zoe Porter for The National Treasures Series 2018

Born in Morocco with a Belgian heritage, Laurent discovered her love for art in high school but like many artists, she initially took the road directed by the head and not the heart and began scaling the corporate ladder in the demanding and fast-paced world of marketing.

It wasn’t long before the whispers of professional disenchantment turned into shrill catcalls of discontent and so she left that world behind to seek rich creative pastures new.

Artist Titane Laurent Interviewed for The National Treasures Series by Zoë Porter

There is a touch of punk about Laurent and her work. With notable nods to Basquiat and Motherwell, an obvious slant towards artistic Chinese discipline and an undercurrent of devout and faithful spirituality, it comes as no surprise that she spent time as an artist in the creatively indulgent milieu of New York, worked an 8-year apprenticeship with Chinese Conceptual Art Teacher Gao Xuyong and trained as a cartoonist in New Zealand. These three elements have blossomed effortlessly it would seem into a potent creative 3-way of powerful, honest and striking work constantly exploring the Yin and Yang of a well-lived life.

Fast forward to now, Laurent and her partner Jonathon Miller launched The Laurent Gallery in Melbourne in 2017 which features exhibitions from an array of artists and hosts a variety of artistic projects, workshops and events (link in credits).


Artist Titane Laurent. Photographer Megan George.

Titane Laurent

Most Memorable Exhibition VisitedWashington Square Festival Exhibition in New York.

Favourite Project to DateCreating my own art space and gallery in Melbourne – The Laurent Gallery which launched in 2017.

Favourite Books and MusicThe Alchemist and The New Testament. Music – Gregorian Chants.

Other Creative ProjectsWriting my memoirs (and I’d love to write more in the future)

HomePort Melbourne, near the beach with my 2 (nearly adult) children and my partner Jonathon Miller.

FutureBlossoming as a recognised artist in Australia, to be an ambassador for people to follow their dreams, (especially women) and finish my book A Dos D’Anne.

I just organised an Abstract workshop with artists mainly from Sydney. It was such a success and I was so humbled by the feedback and the fact that people would fly for me.
Titane will soon join the Artists in Residence Program at Gasworks Art Park in Melbourne.

Artist Titane Laurent. Photographer Megan George.

Thank you,
Titane Laurent and Jonathon Miller.
Titane Laurent Video Interview ‘Zen and Spirituality’ for Bluethumb by Megan George

Images of Titane – Megan George

The Laurent Gallery


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