Become Part Of The Clip’D Story : Patrons Urgently Needed!

Ryan Corr in Supernaturally a short film for The National Treasures ClipD Series : Zoë Porter
Hunter Page-Lochard for The National Treasures Series, Clip'D : Zoë Porter
Hunter Page- Lochard. Film Still – Midnight Man. The National Treasures Clip’D Series 2016

Become Part Of The Story

Clip’D is part of The National Treasures Series and celebrates Australia’s finest actors and best songwriters together in narrated, short films. This initial film series pays tribute to the work of songwriter Nick Cave and features the acting and narrating talents of the glorious Ryan Corr and the mighty Hunter Page-Lochard.

2017 kicked off brilliantly with the 1st short film in this series Supernaturally (feat Ryan Corr) being selected as a finalist for Best Australian Short Film Award at Flickerfest International Film Festival in Sydney.
This nice little nod of recognition was swiftly followed by the 2nd short film Midnight Man being released weeks later.
Midnight Man was nominated for Best Short Film at The Gold Coast Film Festival the following year and both films were selected for continual screening at The Surry Hills Festival in 2018.
The 3rd and 4th short films are currently in the planning phase, it’s an exciting time with incredible talent lined up and there is much to do!
In the last 12 months, supporters have stepped up to the plate and donated money in order to assist in the progression of The National Treasures Clip’D Series.

In return for their generosity, their names have been added to the film credits of  Supernaturally and Midnight Man and there they will stay forever.

It’s a small thank you for a big, fat, kind gesture on their part.

Could you join them and become a vital part of the Clip’D story?

Hunter Page-Lochard. Midnight Man The National Treasures Clip'D Series : Zoë Porter
Hunter Page-Lochard. Film Still. Midnight Man.
Why Clip’D Needs $$$
Nobody is paid at The National Treasures Series. Photographers, Directors, Editors, Gaffers, DOP’s, Stylists, Assistants, Actors, Narrators have all generously given these projects their precious time and expertise.
In order to include the wonderful poetry of Nick Cave, we need to pay publishing fees for this privilege.
Expensive as they are for us, publishing fees are necessary to ensure that artists are paid fairly for their work, recognised, credited and that permissions need to be granted to ensure the integrity of artists’ work is kept intact.
The National Treasures Series and Clip’D wholeheartedly supports this and we appreciate greatly the guidance that Nick Cave/Mute/Mushroom Music have provided.

To keep Clip’D going and to become a big part of the National Treasures Clip’D Series Story….

Contact to become a proud patron.

Clip’D Films


Midnight Man

A huge thank you to all the crew, talent, advisors, and creatives involved in The National Treasures Series and Clip’D, all who voluntarily give their time and expertise to contribute to the production of these little nuggets of Australian cultural gold.

For additional Information about The National Treasures Series please head to the About page.

Film Still. Ryan Corr in Supernaturally. Directed Toby Burrows. The National Treasures Series, Clip'D : Zoë Porter

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