Trailer :: Hunter Page-Lochard in Midnight Man

Hunter Page-Lochard


Countdown to…..

The release of the 2nd short film in The National Treasures Clip’D Series

Midnight Man featuring Hunter Page-Lochard. Words by Nick Cave (With Kind Permission)

See The Trailer Here

The National Treasures Clip’D Series celebrates Australia’s finest actors and songwriters telling stories of love, loss and everything in between.

The 1st short films in this series pay tribute to the work of Nick Cave.

The debut short film in this series Supernaturally featuring Ryan Corr (screened at Flickerfest International Film Festival 2017) can be found in the ‘Cool to the Corr’ National Treasures Series Interview ::

The password for viewing Supernaturally is Nick Cave

Thank You To Our Wonderful Clip’D Patrons who assist in keeping this project going.

If you would like to become a Clip’D Patron please do not hesitate to contact

Featured Images – The National Treasures Series 2017

Hunter Page-Lochard

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