Naked…with Photographer Toby Burrows and Artist Sonya Rothwell.

Sydney native Toby Burrows is making his mark in the world of  photography. His previous works ‘Fallen’ deservedly attracted attention globally. Powerful images of a delicate, auburn haired beauty being catapulted effortlessly into the misty skies or dropped majestically from teetering heights onto glistening, slippery harbour rocks have been showcased throughout social media and shared relentlessly amongst creatives and art lovers. The Fallen exhibition was first exhibited at Mews 42 Gallery in London and was attended by HRH Prince Andrew (no doubt for his love of read-heads). His ethereal images then landed  on Kanye West & Justin Timberlake’s celebrity blogs. The interest in the Fallen series continued and was enthusiastically showcased  in NY Arts Magazine and Dazed and Confused London.

When asked to discuss his inspirations he simply says “Obscurity, anonymity, intrigue, darkness and beauty.” He pauses but I press for him to  continue, listening to him wax lyrical is as melodic to the ears as his work is spellbinding to the eye.”I am inspired by many things around me. I love the photography of Saul Leiter for his obscure observations, unusual documentation of subjects and muted colours. I love early mornings. I’m listening to the band Alt-J at the moment, I love the way in which they construct their music, a diverse, intelligent tapestry of sounds. I love my children’s drawings, so uninhibited and free.”  “Although my images are constructed, I hope to challenge the viewer with a surreal and other-worldly quality.”

“Photography represents the way in which we see the world.”  I agree without hesitation. One of my favourite Burrow’s shots is a from his first exhibition ‘Footprint’,  a dead butterfly in the grill of a car, a beautiful tragedy of nature in a heartless, industrial world.

Footprint. Toby Burrows.

We continue to the topic of achievements and goals. What is the ultimate achievement for Burrows? “Public recognition is necessary to keep moving forward. The more people who are moved by my work, the further I can take it.  I want to keep reaching people, hopefully inspire them, gain the exposure it takes to keep doing what I love.”

Why nudes? “It just happened. It wasn’t a conscious decision. I remember feeling a little apprehensive about casting for my first show. I have now gained the trust of  some great girls who believe in the work that I am producing.”

The future? “There’s more to come…I hope to travel the show to my gallery in London and NY and there is talk of Paris. I’ve been completely immersed in Soliloquy as I was with Fallen, after this exhibition I can take a moment and concentrate on the next chapter, it’s cathartic, it’s moving forward.”


Fallen. Works by Toby Burrows 2010.
Fallen 2010
Fallen 2010



Celebration of Sensuality with Artist Sonya Rothwell

Sonya Rothwell trained at internationally renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. She worked in both London and Sydney as a successful designer and art director for several years before following her heart and becoming a full-time artist. Rothwell lives and works in Sydney.

Sonya Rothwell’s ethereal paintings like her, are whimsical and romantic. She weaves sensuous entangled figures together with a kaleidoscope of ‘dancing lines,’ abstracted painterly strokes and luminous colour.

Rothwell’s innate design sense permeates her work. She strips her subjects bare, leaving behind only their essence. At present Rothwell is interested in exploring movement, perspective, Spirit, transformation and human connection.

Drawing inspiration from her own life, people and things around her, Sonya Rothwell believes her work is unintentionally autobiographical. She sees painting as an organic process that defies intention – a journey into the unknown. Rothwell begins a picture and it alchemically finishes itself.

My subconscious floods the paper, pools and spreads – with each line, smear, droplet, I learn a little more about myself.

Rothwell recently spent several months touring the world on an inspirational ‘sketching sabbatical.’ Rothwell travelled throughout Asia, Europe, America and South America in search of colour & culture and all things new, old and peculiar. With her seven-year-old daughter in tow and only a backpack between them, they were “as free as the birds.” Rothwell revelled in this freedom and luxury of time to explore new places and faces, form, flora and fauna. Time, most of which she spent observing, absorbing and just being.

Sonya Rothwell’s fascination with human connection led her to an exploration of platonic and romantic love – ‘amour&more’ is a sensuous series of works on paper that sensitively explores exquisite intimacy, passion and tenderness.Rothwell’s engaging large-scale nudes stir up powerful emotions in the viewer making them long for that same soul connection with another. One man said of the works; “these paintings of ‘amour’ make me remember what love and passion can be. They’re like a homage to love and intimacy and passion. They’re a siren call to be in love again. They seem to be raising emotions long buried.”For commissions please contact: +61 (0) 413 457 377

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